Streamline SAP Fiori Translation with i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori

i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori

Translating Fiori apps is simple, just take your files and hand them over to a translator. Right...? In practice, not so much.

When you are dealing with multiple apps, when you use texts from SAP backend such as data element labels in addition to texts from the app itself, or when you regularly have to add new user interface texts, your translation process can easily devolve into a mess of maintaining single texts, both on the Fiori side and in the SAP backend.

Initial Screen of i18n Translation Manager.

i18n Translation Manager for SAP Fiori helps you to set up a clean, streamlined Fiori translation process. It picks the texts directly from the BSP applications in the SAP Fiori Gateway system, prepares them for translation, and writes the target language texts back after translation is done, both to the BSP pages and to your Git repositories. And since it's completely ABAP-based, you fully control all aspects of the tool.

Main Features

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