Translation Tools for SAP Systems

Automate your SAP language translation projects, and implement innovative workflows that ensure high translation quality.

Automate Your SAP Translation Project

We have created a number of proven add-ons that have transformed many SAP translation projects. Whether you want to automate classic ABAP translation, streamline translation of Fiori apps, save costs on translation of customizing entries or enable master data translation – we have the SAP translation management tools you need. And we are constantly improving and extending them.

i18n Translation Manager for SAP® Fiori

Are you developing SAP Fiori apps to be used in multiple languages? Are those apps showing texts from SAP files as well as from the SAP backend? i18n Translation Manager for SAP Fiori combines texts from both sources into one streamlined translation workflow.

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Close the Gap Between Fiori and ABAP

Translate Fiori texts from the files from your Fiori apps together with ABAP texts from the SAP backend, in one streamlined workflow, using the same consistent terminology.

Reduce the Workload of Developers and Translation Coordinators

Automate your translation process and take manual file handling out of the equation, by integrating directly with your BSP applications and Git repositories.

Gain Flexibility

Enable your translation teams to discover, analyze and translate Fiori apps independently of the development timeline and without using development resources.

Customizing Delta Translation Manager

Do you need to translate your SAP customizing entries? Have you changed hundreds of tables? Are you wondering where to start? Customizing Delta Translation Manager makes it easy to safely and cost-efficiently translate the customizing entries you have created.

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Gain Visibility

Identify and collect all the customizing texts ever created in your organization with a single click, and find out how many lines of text you need to translate.

Automate Analysis Work

Automate your translation analysis instead of investing many days to analyze which exact texts are used by your transactions and apps.

Save Translation Costs

Translate only customizing entries created by your organization, and exclude entries delivered by SAP, reducing cost and effort by more than 40%.

LUDECKE Translation Manager

Are you planning to translate SAP texts? LUDECKE Translation Manager helps you define and analyze your project scope, automate your translation process by reusing existing texts, export texts for translation, and improve translation quality. Not only does this SAP translation management tool save you translation costs, it also helps you run a better project and get better results.

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Translate Only What You Need

Define your translation scope to include only what you need. Translate only the texts used by the transactions (tcodes) and reports that will be used in the locations you are rolling out to.

Save Translation Costs with SAP Translation Hub

Access SAP Translation Hub directly from your ABAP-stack system, and enable translators to review the translations that you get from its API, thereby guaranteeing high translation quality.

Reuse Texts from SAP Language Packs

Reduce translation costs by reusing the translations that you already have – SAP's language packs contain texts in 40 languages that you can use to translate your custom developments.

Master Data Translation Manager

Do you need to translate master data texts? Master Data Translation Manager lets you export the required master data texts from your SAP system, translate them, and safely import the translations.

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Master Data in The Local Language

Your customers, suppliers and employees all want to see master data texts in their local language. Translate your most critical master data and make life easier for your in-country teams.

Simplify Translation

Exporting your master data texts for translation means there is no need to have translators work in your productive systems. This is not only safer, but also a lot simpler for your IT and business teams.

Reduce Translation Costs

Why translate all of your master data when you can select exactly which data records are needed? Select exactly which texts to export, and save costs by translating fewer texts.

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