Our team is very small, but comes with ample experience in the field of SAP translation. We are based in beautiful Berlin, Germany. Since we cover all 40+ SAP languages of the world, but do not speak all of them, we work with a reliable network of partners to help us with the actual linguistic part of translation projects. The working relationships with most of these partners, such as SAP Translation Partner text&form, go back many years.

Martin LĂĽdecke display picture

Martin LĂĽdecke

Managing Director

Martin has worked in the field of SAP translation for almost 20 years, starting out as a translator. He soon found his passion for technology working as a consultant, ABAP developer, and project manager. He has helped dozens of SAP customers and partners with their SAP translation needs.

Languages: German, English

Cemre Ă–zer display picture

Cemre Ă–zer

SAP Translation Consultant

Cemre has not one, but two degrees in translation. She sets up and runs SAP translation projects for our customers. This includes change and transport management, translation coordination, and solving technical translation issues, among other tasks.

Languages: Turkish, German, English

Marcio Coelho display picture

Márcio Coelho

Software Developer

Márcio designs and develops new features for our translation tools, such as i18n Translation Manager. He also fixes bugs and and provides support to our customers.

Languages: Portuguese, English

Bild Shuli Sui

Shuli Sui-LĂĽdecke

Senior Project Manager and Consultant

Shuli has many years of experience in project management. She runs our customers’ translation projects, coordinates translators and manages languages tests. She also oversees much of the administrative workload in the company.

Languages: Chinese, German, English

Heiko Messeringer display picture

Heiko Messeringer

SAP Language Engineer

Heiko is an expert on language technology. He has a long background in the localization industry and has also worked at SAP for seven years. Heiko supports our customers on technical and process-related topics.

Languages: German, English

Martina Miertsch display picture

Martina Miertsch

Senior Project Manager and Consultant

Martina has been working on SAP translation projects for more than 15 years. She probably spent more time at work logged on to an SAP system than not. Martina runs our customers’ translation projects, coordinating translators, performing quality checks, implementing corrections, just to name a few of her responsibilities.

Languages: German, English, Russian, Spanish

Cecile Dubuc display picture

CĂ©cile Dubuc

SAP Translation Consultant (Freelance)

Cécile has an extensive SAP background – she has worked for SAP in Paris in the language service for over 15 years. She works on translations, language tests and coordinates translation activities on our customers’ projects. Cécile supports us on a freelance basis.

Languages: French, German, English

Our Partners

SAP Partner logo

We are a proud SAP partner, in the SAP Language Consultancy Partner and SAP Build Partner categories. Our services and tools all build on SAP software. SAP has supported us generously in the past, and we have worked together on many occasions.

XTM International

Our tools offer deep integration with XTM Cloud, the web-based translation management system by our partner XTM International. We are proud to be their partner.


For the manual translation part of SAP translation projects, we work with SAP Translation Partner text&form, one of the best in the business when it comes to providing translations for SAP translation projects.