Optimize and Automate SAP Translation with LUDECKE Translation Manager

Please note that LUDECKE Translation Manager has been discontinued. All its functionality is now part of i18n Translation Manager for SAPĀ® S/4HANA.

LUDECKE Translation Manager

SAP translation projects can easily get out of hand, in terms of both project size and overall translation effort. LUDECKE Translation Manager helps you reduce translation costs while maintaining high translation quality.

Every SAP translation project requires a few features that you cannot get from the SAP Standard. LUDECKE Translation Manager offers these missing pieces. You can use it to define and analyze your translation scope, get texts from SAP Translation Hub, export texts for translation, or reuse existing translations. This makes it an indispensable tool for SAP translation.

Initial Screen of LUDECKE Translation Manager.

LUDECKE Translation Manager is the Swiss Army knife for your SAP translation project. Its features for automation and quality assurance are best-in-class, and we are always adding new ones. Whether you are translating classic SAP GUI transactions or Fiori apps, this add-on will help you run a better SAP translation project by reducing costs and improving translation quality.

Main Features

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