Efficiently Translate Customizing Texts with Customizing Delta Translation Manager

Please note that Customizing Delta Translation Manager has been discontinued. All its functionality is now part of i18n Translation Manager for SAP® S/4HANA.

Customizing Delta Translation Manager

Translating your customizing entries can be a pain. Even finding out which customizing tables need to be translated can take days...

...and that's before you realize that these tables are chock-full of SAP Standard entries, when all you want to do is translate only those entries that were added by you. It's a tedious, manual process to identify each custom text in hundreds of tables and copy them into a spreadsheet for translation.

Initial screen of Customizing Delta Translation Manager.

Customizing Delta Translation Manager makes it easy to translate your customizing entries. It scans your entire SAP system and collects the texts of all customizing entries you have ever created. It then gives you an overview — per customizing table — of how many texts exist in that table, and how many of those your organization has created. You can then define your translation scope by excluding everything that does not need to be translated. And the tool also manages the translation process, whether you decide to translate in SE63 or export the texts for translation.

Main features:

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